August 11, 2020

Uses of Cosmobiology

Cosmic RaysCosmobiology is used primarily for the purposes of investigating the potential of how humans interact with their environment, although it can also be used with animal, plant and other organic life. When we are born we appear to take on the energy of the moment of birth. In that moment all the potentals of our life are laid out. Both our capabilities and destiny are set out at that moment and these can be charted and tracked throughout our life.

Now I understand that a lot of people don't like the idea that their life is pre-destined. This conflicts with what we are told in regards to having our own free will and being able to do as we please. For over 20 years I have been trying to come to terms with this idea and having done literally hundreds of cosmograms. I think the best way to explain how it works is as follows:

When we are born the energy of the moment sets up the blueprint of who we are; what our potentials are and how we are likely to react to the environment we find ourselves in. This blueprint won't determine if we become rich or poor, famous or unknown or any other such idea, but it will determine if there is difficulty or ease in how we approach the major aspects of our life, the kind of pursuits that we could be drawn to and so on. For example it is entirely possible that someone's life may be blueprinted to make their intimate relationships difficult. That person may have difficulty attracting a partner and forming a lasting relationship. They may find that it takes a tremendous amount of energy on their part to maintain a relationship once they are in one. They may also find that relationships end more regularly than those of other people. Once this blueprint is known then steps can be taken by the individual to first understand it, then accept it as a part of their personality, and then work to instead of have it control their lives, to work with it and obtain positive and useful outcomes.

Cosmobiology offers not only the ability to discover what an individual's bluepreinted potentials in life are, but also when they are likely to manifest. This both fascinates and scares a lot of people because it is possible to get extrmely accurate forecasts beyond the capabilities of what traditional western astrological techniques provide. However, even though it provides these capabilities it should also not be confused with the daily horoscopes that are published by the media. The forecasting capabilities of cosmobiology are usually for a period of two or three months to several years in scope. Let's face it, the more important events in our lives generally take shape over a period of time, and it is these events cosmobiology is ideal for forecasting, however it is also possible to forecast dramatic and sudden change as well. I shall present some examples of this when I provide some case studies.

Other things that cosmobiology can be used for is to determine how two or more people are going to relate. The cosmogram of one person can be compared to that of others to determine how a friendship or relationship of any kind is likely to fare. What it won't do is determine if there is a relationship chemistry in the first instance, but it will show areas of a relationship that will work well and those that need to be worked on. Generally each person in the relationship needs to be aware of how they affect others. The relationship itself is also able to be tracked and major future events to do with the relationship itself forecast.

Perhaps one of the most fascinating uses of cosmobiology is in the area of human fertility. Czech physician Dr Eugen Jonas used cosmobiology to unlock the mysteries of fertility. He researched and developed a method for women to manage their own fertility whether they wished to conceive or use a powerful natural contraceptive. His initial study conducted with thousands of subjects back in the 1950's proved that a reliable natural contraceptive far more effective than the rhythm method advocated by the Catholic Church, was available with an effectivenes in the high 90% range (97% – 98%). Also, his work involved helping women who were prone to miscarriage to conceive and carry to full term and give birth to a healthy baby. Only cosmobiology can offer this capability.

Reinhold Ebertin himself was a physician and consequently he did a lot of work in the area of the medical uses of cosmobiology. This is a very demanding, yet very rewarding area of study and for anyone who has a background in medicine, cosmobiology can add an extra diagnostic tool to your toolbox that is also non-invasive.

Ebertin always maintained that cosmobiology itself is not a standalone tool and that it needs to be used in conjunction with other disciplines. Some other disciplines that it has been effectively combined with to greatly enhance their effectiveness are:

  • Psychology
  • Life and Business Coaching
  • Human Resources
  • Medicine (both traditional and modern)
  • Finance

How can cosmobiology enhance your area of expertise?