September 25, 2020

Tools of Cosmobiology

Cosmobiology is the study of the postions of the planets in our solar system and their interaction with other planets as well as our own Earth. Therefore we need to know where the planets are at any given moment. Fortunately each of the planets has a very predictable orbit and it is possible to get quite precise data for where they are at any given time over a period of several thousand years.

EphemerisIt used to be necessary to use a book of planetary tables known as an ephemeris to manually calculate positions of planets from allowing for location on Earth and time of birth. I remember in the early years of learning cosmobiology when computers were expensive and the internet was not yet available that manual calulation was the only option. Fortunately we now have computers and there are several programs that can perform the calculations, as well as internet sites that provide basic calculation functionality. It is beneficial at some point to learn to use an ephemeris and to calculate planetary positions manually, though it is by no means necessary these days.



Some good programs and sites for planetary calculations are:

Janus 4.0 - A full calculation and charting program
Astrolabe – A free online planetary calculator
Swiss Ephemeris - Pre-calculated ephemeris files

Once the positions of the planets have been calculated the interactions between them need to be calculated. A special form known as a 90 degree dial is used to visually dipict and identify these interactions. Full and thorough coverage of the 90 degree dial will be presented in a later post, however be it sufficient to say that as a cosmobiologist it is necessary to develop an intimate knowledge of how to use this tool because this is where you will be spending most of your time.

It is useful to have a copy of The Combination of Stellar Influences by Reinhold Ebertin for the standard interpretations of planetary interactions. As a student you will need to gain experience in identifyng how the interactions manifest in individuals both as psychological correspondences and life changes. The best descriptions are still in this book.

Now it is time to begin learning how to identify the manner in which the universe shapes our existence.